We're Lunchbreak.

Two friends on a mission to help do-good companies tell their stories through visually compelling and strategy driven brand design.

We believe storytelling through design has become the ultimate competitive advantage for companies. It goes beyond aesthetics, engaging customers emotionally and forging deep connections. By infusing narratives into design, businesses create memorable brand experiences, differentiating themselves and building trust.

Based in Austin, Texas, we're continuously inspired by the vibrant spirit of this city. We draw inspiration from its eclectic culture, blending innovation and tradition to create work that resonate with the people in our city, and in others too.

Do you want to tell the story of the ice cream shop you started using grandma's cherished recipes?

Do you need packaging for your new-and-improved all-in-one perfect skin care serum?

Do you have a big idea you've been sitting on for too long?

Let us know. We'd love to help.